The “Heroes of Yesterday” are coming to an MLB Majestic Jersey Fanzone retailer near you!

In coordination with Majestic Athletic/VFC, the Silver Crystal Sports Fanzone Program is now providing MLB Majestic retailers the ability to customize “Heroes of Yesterday” MLB jerseys with the MLB Legends Button. Now baseball fans will be able to purchase a customized, on demand, Majestic Athletic Jersey of their all-time favorite team player!


This INNOVATIVE APPROACH allows retailers, with our Fanzone Digital Kiosk, the ability to upload the NEW MLB Legends Button on their screen along with the MLB Players & Personalization controls. With approximately 12,500 MLB player alumni name options to choose from and team by team lists; retailers will have a whole NEW market to sell to.


Sitting at the ballpark a fan can watch the stars of today show-off their talents on the field. Names such as Reddick, Hernandez, Darvish, Puljos, Swisher, Cabrera, Mauer, Homser, Rios, Bautista, Jones, Longoria, Ortiz, Jeter, Upton, Stanton, Harper, Wright, Howard, Altuve, Braun, Molina, Rizzo, McCutchen, Votto, Prado, Kemp, Posey, Headley and Gonzalez make up the back of MLB jerseys.


What about the all-time greats? Carew, Fingers, Mitchell, Ryan, Feller, Mathews, Puckett, Brett, Thomas, Alomar, Ripken, Boggs, Williams, Mantle, Aaron, Floyd, Carter, Strawberry, Schmidt, Biggio, Molitor, Musial, Jenkins, Stargell, Bench, Gonzalez, Robinson, Clark, Gwynn and Murphy deserve recognition with the Fans at a Retail level too.


The MLB Legends Button gives retailers the opportunity to help fans relive those glorious moments in history. Sure getting a jersey of a current star is cool, but so is getting a jersey from one of the “Heroes of Yesterday!”


For further information on getting the NEW Silver Crystal Sports Fanzone Legends Upgrade version 3.0, please contact your Silver Crystal Sports Fanzone Team:


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