Lettering & Numbering

Our product range includes Pro Twill, Printed Twill, Sports Film and Heat Transfers. We customize each application to the individual team specifications in regards to colours, sizes and font style.

Pro Twill – The pro twill program is 100 % polyester based material. It may be anywhere from 1 to 4 layers of material which is laser cut and sewn together to replicate the product worn by the pros on their jerseys

Printed Twill – The printed twill program is a one layer 100% polyester material with printed ink to give the customer the effect of a multilayer, multicolour letter or number

Sports Film – A vinyl film used in production of team wear and replica jerseys

Heat Transfers – A printed ink material which is carried on a piece of paper and transferred onto garment with the application of heat.

Colours – All materials come in a wide array of colours.

Font Packages – All font packages are custom designed to replicate what is worn by the pros, stock font packages available as well.

Sizes – Sizes can be produced to fit any garment from infant up to 4 XL.



Every letter and number we produce is created with state of the art manufacturing techniques and the use of only the highest quality materials in the manufacturing process.

Whether it is the professional player-worn, multi-layered hand sewn tackle twill, the printed twill or sports film, we here at Silver Crystal Sports can meet all of your Fanzone lettering and numbering team specific requirements at all levels of retail.

Our facility operates 6 days a week from 8:00am to 1:00am and is available on demand for all of our customer needs.

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