July 3, 2013

With the success of Pro Image – Mall of America, Fanzones has now been added to two additional Pro Image Locations in Runnemede New Jersey owned and operated by Randy and Prem Benipal. Both locations are set up with 22 inch table top touch screens to take orders for Philadelphia Flyers and New Jersey Devils jerseys. With our state of the art software, the main location which is set up with the heat press is able to take orders from the 2nd location with a touch of a button. This provides instant customer service and instant gratification. The main store acts as a “HUB” for the other locations in regards to production.

Pro Image New Jersey illustrates that a sports retail store can operate a Fanzones System in multiple locations. Either you have 2 locations or 20 location or more, the Fanzones system allows to have multiple touch screens but only one central hub to produce jerseys.