1) How much space does a Fanzone system require?

Usually we suggest a space approximately 10ft x 10ft.

2) How do we get started with the program?

Getting started we would need to acquire your specific Font package ( EPS File) and get an idea of how many Blank Jersey’s you expect to customize over a one year period.

3) What power requirements do we require in our location?

The heat press should be on a dedicated 20amp service. If a compressor is required it should be on a separate service from the Heat press.

4) What about training? How do we learn how to produce jersey’s correctly?

As part of the program Silver Crystal will be on site for set up and complete staff training. That will be discussed once the program has been agreed to.

5) How long is our turnaround time on product?

Once the samples have been approved and the initial order is agreed on, it would typically take 3 to 4 weeks to get out to the customer. Re-orders would usually be turned around in 5 to 7 business days depending on the size of the order.

6) How do you wash the jersey once it is completed?

Cold water wash in all cases and hang it to dry.

7) Who services the equipment?

We service all of the equipment provided. We will make arrangements with a local company to meet all service requirements.

8) How do we place orders?

Order sheets will be provided. Quantities required can be filled in on the sheets and e-mailed with an attached PO# at any time.

9) Are there minimums when it comes to ordering?

Depending on the style of product the usual minimum is 72 pieces per number and letter.

10) Can we do more than one style of jersey?

Once you have the equipment in place it is up to you what you offer. Multiple styles of Jersey’s as well as T-shirts, Sweat Shirts ect.

11) How long does it take to complete a jersey?

Depending on the style of jersey, once you have received proper training any style jersey can be completed in 5 to 10 minutes.


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